Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

As you can see, I have switched posting sites. The last one had too many glitches. A few people told me they were having a hard time accessing it, so I am in hopes this will be simpler for anyone interested in reading my updates.

I had my regular checkup with my oncologist today. He told me that I am the bright spot in his day and I am by far his healthiest his patient. My numbers are all incredibly good, to the degree that he acts shocked by them. He says that I am “rocking this chemo”. At my last treatment, even the allergic reaction to the chemo that I have been experiencing wasn’t as strong. I am crediting all of this to the amount of prayer support I have had.  Mark has been taking really good care of me.

The chemo nurse told me that my hair would be gone after the second treatment. I started looking like Gollum but not as skinny and I dress better.  Hair was in piles on the floor, it came out in fistfuls and was a HUGE mess, so I went to a salon in town and had them buzz off what was left. I look a little like Lex Luthor, but hopefully not Uncle Fester.  I thought maybe I was being a little vain, hating the thought of baldness, but the scripture came to mind that says ‘a woman’s hair is her glory’. I have a bunch of scarves or hats that I wear. Wig shopping hasn’t been fruitful thus far, but I will try again.

After this week’s treatment on Thursday, I will be half way through my chemo. The next four treatments I will receive one drug instead of two. Hopefully, that means maybe the side effects won’t be as strong. Chemo basically destroys my immune system. I am supposed to avoid large crowds, which unfortunately includes the YWAM missionary tribe that I am part of. They might expose me to who knows what they’ve picked up serving Jesus around the globe.  I can’t have any leftovers because the mold grows so quickly in them. Like most Moms, I normally survive on them.

Thanks for praying for me! This dreary season isn’t going to last. – Mary